Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Gluten Free Fish is finalized at last. 

The story behind the initial design is quite short. It all started with an acquaintance who always ate regular pasta and decided to go "gluten free" after reading an article about the rising popularity of gluten free products.

I started to wonder how far this trend would go. Would animals also fall for this trend? I am sure that some people have a valid reason for eating gluten free food due to allergy but some others just want to stick out of the crowd and do things differently.

So I came up with a fish talking to a worm. At first I hadn't planned for the worm to reply to "Are You Gluten Free?" but as time went by and I polished the design several ideas came to me. The fish could have answered "Seriously?" or "Just try me and we'll both find out" or even "Now this is going to fuck up the food chain...".

In the end I went for "Sure! I'm also lactose free, sugar free, egg free, fat free, nitrate free and almost BS free."

I thought it would be nice to include other common allergies and dietary restrictions so that no one feels left behind.

The piece took about 2 weeks to complete. I didn't work full time on it during the 2 weeks. I started with a pencil draft to get the fish right. Then I drew the worm on the hook and scanned both characters. I wanted to create an original type for "ARE YOU GLUTEN FREE?" but it just didn't look the way I wanted so I chose a standard font that I rasterized. I added bubbles and picked a blue color that matches the background circle.

I had to keep in mind that the design would go on T-shirts, iPhone cases, pillow cases, tote bags and more apparel. So the Gluten Free Fish had to be saved in PNG format with transparent background. The original file resolution is 8000 x 11715 pixels. This size allows the design to be printed on large formats.

The design is available on my RedBubble account.

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