Friday, July 22, 2016

One question, multiple answers

There I go again with my "Gluten Free Fish". After my debate the answer the worm gave didn't receive the unanimous standing ovation I expected, although many appreciated it. Well the Internet is a democracy after all isn't it?

So I thought hard (no laughs!) and decided to take away the answer. It makes the drawing more interactive as you are free to give any answer you like. Actually it could even start a debate about what the worm should say or what the rest of the conversation is about.

When I first designed the fish and the worm I had so many ideas about what the reply should be. Some replies were even quite offensive, some others were very short... In the end I settled for something more neutral. But if you have ideas about what the worm should say just express yourself in the comment section below. Maybe I will make a revised version around Christmas...

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